About us

With a diverse label product range providing everything from water, juice and grocery labels (stickers) to full colour craft beer and wine labels, stickers and thermal blank and over-printed labels, New Vision Labels is the one place where all your labelling needs can be met and surpassed, no matter the size or the quantity. As stockists of thermal over-printing machines, Argox and Brother label and sticker printers for over-printing of blank, thermal, semi-gloss and dairy film labels, New Vision Labels can make your branding dreams a reality in CMYK. With fast turn-around times and free delivery for orders of R1000 or more, now is the time to ensure that your first impression is a lasting one. Call New Vision Labels today to get labelled for success.

New Vision Labels is the brainchild of Andre Jonker, a person who is so passionate about stickers and printing, you would surely think there was ink running through his veins. With a labelling track record that spans over 18 years, including international experience in places like the United Kingdom and Australia, Andre brings with him the experience, the knowledge and the fire to ensure that any brand is headed for success when labelled by New Vision Labels.

Not a man who is only interested in the bottom-line, Andre exudes a love for seeing businesses thrive, providing cost-effective and practical solutions for their labelling and printing needs. “Every client is so different. It is so exciting to be able to come up with fresh ideas for each client, tailored to uniquely suit their product or service.” Andre Jonker, owner and vision maker for New Vision Labels.


Call New Vision Labels today to get labelled for success

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